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Joan Watson HR Consultant

I am your Auckland based Human Resource specialist with a proven track record in enhancing people and business performance. Whether it is simple “how to guides” or strategic development plans I will provide practical cost effective help with your people issues, helping you to maximise business performance and avoid errors which can be financially and emotionally costly.
Small and medium enterprises represent 90% of New Zealand’s business and 39% of GDP. Yet because of the small number of employees they don’t have more

Nina Till HR Consultant

I have 14 years HR experience working in medium to large organisations with experience in all areas of Human Resources. I have worked in HR in a variety of industries including manufacturing, FMCG, public sector, construction, and natural health. I enjoy working in a variety of different industries and discovering how HR can contribute to the bottom line through effective people management and planning... read more

Need to manage employee performance or improve employee productivity? Need to find a way to measure individual performance?

The most common problem I have encountered is ‘how can I get rid of this poor performer?’ When I unpack the reasons why the situation has got to this point they have mostly been unclear expectations and inadequate feedback... read more

Want to develop high performing leaders or implement a leadership development programme?

If you have all the resources and information within your business but haven’t the time to implement a leadership programme for your company I can provide: ... read more

Need to develop a strategic plan and make it work operationally?

For many years I sat around a board room table developing business strategies. I have developed tried and true methods for then implementing these business plans into achievable goals. I offer:... read more

Need to be legally compliant with your industrial relations?

Industrial relations are a complex area of business. There are multiple configurations for both individual and collective employment agreements. I have worked with every one of these possible configurations ... read more

Need to restructure or downsize?

During my career I have managed the downsizing of over 200 employees. This has ranged from closing a whole manufacturing operation to downsizing one or two in departmental reorganisations. ... read more

Not sure what you need to do for Health and Safety?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 came into force in April 2016. Every business is required to have comply with this law. I can provide you with a tailored health and safety management system which covers: ... read more